Date: August 2013

Ellen has been associated with “firsts” well before she earned her own talk show. She bravely became television's first openly gay actress in 1997 by coming out on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Later that year, her character also came out on her self-titled sitcom. This year, her talk show served as the platform for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to perform their gay rights anthem “Same Love” for a national TV audience.

You can’t really tell from the footage, but we're sincerely hoping that Mary Lambert received some type of acclaim for her mesmerizingly beautiful chorus, inspired by her actual experiences growing up lesbian. This moment of praise would be the exact opposite of Macklemore’s VMA acceptance speech for Best Video With A Social Message, where he delivered a heartfelt address complete with pauses for crowd applause, totally cannibalizing any moment for Mary Lambert to weigh in. He did however offer her a courteous handshake. Nice one Mack. —Brandon Jenkins