Daytime television has a certain reputation. It's generally reserved for mild, perhaps even mundane, content. For good reason. Daytime television is watched by children, housewives, and the chronically unemployed. So, at the risk of trafficking in stereotypes, a regular watcher of The Ellen DeGeneres Show seems less likely to be bumping Young Jeezy in their spare time than, say, Kelly Clarkson. In their Honda Odyssey, on the way to Super Stop & Shop, before picking Becky up from soccer practice. (It's not good to stereotype people. But still.)

Times change, though. And the traditional ways of thinking that birthed those stereotypes fall away. As hip-hop culture continues to bleed into mainstream popular culture, there are fewer and fewer places left where its influence can't be detected. Even the reserved and tame realm of daytime television programming.

For example, today, this very afternoon, if you tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you can watch the world premiere of Kanye West's video for his song "Bound 2." (You can already stream the video, as well as Kanye's interview with Ellen, right now, in fact.) But this is not the first time that hip-hop that infiltrated daytime TV. Far from it, in fact. As strange as the notion still may seem, there have been plenty of precedents. Whether soap operas, talk shows, or even children's shows, rappers have been on the daytime boob tube and popping. Here are the 10 Greatest Rap Moments on Daytime TV.

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