The last four weeks have been pretty eventful for Justin Bieber. During the South American leg of his “Believe” Tour, the 19-year-old heartthrob has been promoting his #MusicMonday series and performing at packed arenas. His music has been more than enough to keep his name buzzing, but he's mostly made headlines for everything but.

Tabloid-wet-dream reports about his time in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile have followed every concert review during his time in Latin America. The stories have included details about Bieber’s graffiti, brothels, getting caught on camera with alleged prostitutes, disrespecting entire nations, and having people mauled by his entourage. All in all, he’s been a real diplomat.

Everyone from the girl who exposed Bieber on camera to Colombian politicians has come forward to share their tales and give their opinions about the Canadian singer. And up until now, Bieber hasn’t had the opportunity to tell his side of the story. But you know, Complex is well connected all over the world. And one of our "associates" came into possession of the pop prodigy's secret diary.* Here are Justin Bieber’s Diary Entries From South America.

Written by Elva Aguilar (@Cheverella_)

*Okay fine, we totally made this up.

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