Joker, a true UK bass music legend of the last five-six years, has thrown up some full previews of his Head Top EP, which is set to drop sometime next month on his own imprint, Kapsize.  This four-track release immediately punches you in the face and reminds you of exactly what kind of production monster this kid can be. "Mr. Miyagi" is a purple G-Funk dubstep masterpiece, like so many other of his singles that have come before it on Kapsize. "Mario Ting" showcases his 8-and-16 bit flex to perfection like he's done so many times in the past.  The title track is a massive grime influenced headnodder.  "Deserted Island" is the headiest tune on the release but again, the quality is again amazingly high.  Basically, this EP is gigantic.

The question, and maybe more so the problem, is why hasn't this dude really full scale blown up yet?  Arguments are definitely out there about everything from a lack of promotions to just overall sub-par release efforts, etc.  The truth is that Joker is a bass music don.  And I'm talking three genres wide: dubstep, grime, and trap.  We can get into debates about what exactly he meant by making what til we're blue in the face, but the fact is that he's HEAVILY influenced all three and to an extent still does to this very day.  With something that feels this focused on his "sounds" again and packaged so well with four tunes of such high quality, maybe there's a push back towards maximizing potential.  Listen for yourself.