The average American would probably skip over this post, as Jerober is an artist that they likely aren't familiar with. And while we don't see the artists on Nouveau Riche Music landing on U.S. festivals, their output is insane. They are as close as you can possibly come to a supergroup, and they are making some of the nuttiest music out of the Netherlands. Nouveau Riche call themselves a hip-hop collective, but all of their production can be considered EDM.

They also don't seem to really give a fuck. This track is off of their release Alziend Oor II, which hasn't even been uploaded to the label's SoundCloud page yet. Boaz is fresh off of a Jeffrees release and production and remix credits on Diplo's Revolution, and the label didn't take the time to upload the full release that features this nutty producer. It also came out on a Friday, which makes no sense to me at all. You can get Alziend Oor II via iTunes, or stream Jebroer's tune below: