James Murphy has been soundtracking New York City's underground since the 2002 release of "Losing My Edge," but in a recent interview with Chicago radio station WBEZ, the former LCD Soundsystem frontman said he aspires to take the task quite literally. When asked what comes after composing music for film and theater, Murphy said, "I'm trying to do music for subways. I'm serious, I'm trying to do that. I've been fighting for, now, 14 years to try and do this -- to make all the subway turnstiles make music. I want to make every [subway] station in New York have a different set of dominant keys, so people who grow up, later on in life, they might hear a piece of music and be like, 'Oh, that's like Union Square.'" Murphy goes on to say that each note would be produced by a person entering the turnstile. During off-hours, the composition would be sparten, but "during rush hour, in the bigger stations, it would hopefully make a really beautiful piece of music." With both co-producing Arcade Fire's recently released Reflektor, one of indie rock's most anticipated albums of 2013, and "cupping" his own blend of coffee under his belt this year, Murphy seems like the man for the task. Better the City collaborates on their own tunes together than having to suffer all those struggle buskers. Listen to the full clip below.

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