I am thankful for free downloads, and for Dzeko and Torres. They recently released a remix of anthem rockstars Imagine Dragons' "Demons" that I have literally listened to this remix 15 times since this morning. I have been a fan of everything Dragons since "It's Time," when I was too basic to know the difference between dubstep and EDM, or Skrillex and anything else.

Every song from Imagine Dragons should be remixed. In fact, I recently was searching around for every remix of "Radioactive," cause that is another one that just feels like it should by electronic. Their sound is already so heavy and intense, with lyrics heart shattering, it's like automatic banger. Served to any electronic producer, on a silver platter, they just need to add spices for flavor and garnish for presentation. Dzeko and Torres aren't just any producers either; this Canadian big room duo knows how to cook up a feast.

Their 'sunset' remix of "Demons" is Thanksgiving leftovers to the Turkey Dinner that is the Imagine Dragons' song. It is the sandwich made from everything served the night before. Carved turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce on dinner rolls. The delicious meal from the night before piled piece by piece into one very large, stacked entree packing all the flavors into each bite, and feeding the family for weeks. It is the type of thing you never lose a hankering for. These lyrics are so powerful and emotional, like I said, they are just meant to be put behind dance beats, pounding and dropping in and out, so you can chant with arms up in the air. "Don't want to let you down, but I am hell bound." Head to the sky, looking to the heavens, trying to forget the hell and dancing those demons away.

You might want to grab the tissues, cause when Dan Reynolds belts out lines like "this is my kingdom come" and "it's where my demons hide," it might be hard to fight the raw emotion behind his words. "Don't get too close. It's dark inside." Do yourself a favor. Let out the emotion with a powerful beat behind it to dance you to freedom. Download this track. Everyone needs to face their demons someday. This is where they are hiding.