SMOG Records boasts tracks and remixes by some of the filthiest acts in bass music. Headed by the iconic artist 12th Planet, they have become a staple figure in the North American bass music movement with artists like Flinch, Antiserum, SPL, Noah D, Kelly Dean, and DLX supporting the efforts. They are so much more than a record label, just as this music is so much more than sounds. It is the noise of a generation, and SMOG is the brand that represents this movement to a T. Their releases have included collaborations with every huge name in the genre. A simple glance skimming of their extensive catalogue on SoundCloud would have any dubstepper or basshead thoroughly enticed, becoming an immediate fan if they weren't already. SMOG is here to say that bass music is here to stay, and gives listeners a place to soak up their regular doses of grime.

In october of 2012, SMOG released SMOG City, a nine-track compilation representing the flavor of this label, historically beginning with dubstep and evolving into the greater movement that is bass music. Just last week, SMOG released a preview of the highly anticipated second volume of SMOG City, whose official release is set for November 19, 2013. Doubling the amount of tracks from the first edition, this second one contains 18 brand new releases guaranteed to rattle the hearts of fans worldwide. My eyes popped with intensity as I listened to each snippet on the preview.

We are lucky enough to bring you this premiere of a track from IllSkillz (aka Philipp "Raw.full" Roskott), who at one point in time was one of the more sought-after producers in the drum & bass scene. "One Last Tune," is exactly the opposite of his older work, although with releases on Dim Mak and other EDM imprints, it's more in line with what he's got going on now. The compilation is meant to be an indication of what to expect from this label as bass music continues to dirty up the music industry. Take a listen to the popping beats and electro influenced synth sounds; I guarantee it will leave you wanting more. You can pre-order this release iTunes right now.

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