The issue of Trinidad Jame$ attacking NYC and its hip-hop scene is apparently far from over.

Hell Rell and Katt Williams have decided to chime in on the matter, and the two are upset about the disrespect they feel Trinidad showed the city by saying that the South "is running y'all." In the new song, "Lames In The Game," Rell warns the Atlanta native that he isn't safe anywhere in the city, not even at the airport. "I got the nine, the four-five, all chrome everything/We looking to rob "All Gold Everything," Rell says.

Katt Williams comes at Trinidad with what is essentially a half-rapped, half-spoken outro. According to Katt, Trinidad's "All Gold Everything" pales in comparison to a pimp's "All Gold Everything." Even though Katt's not from New York, he's not taking Trinidad's disrespect lightly.

Meanwhile, Trinidad is supposed to be releasing The Truth Will Set You Free, which is believed to be a mixtape in response to all of the backlash he has received from his comments.

[via NahRight]

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