The hard dance community has been making inroads on the U.S. "EDM" scene all year long. Headhunterz signed a deal with Ultra and closed out big stages at EDC. The Sound of Q-Dance in L.A. has been reported to be a wildly successful event as well. Even the trap scene continues to pump out hardstyle-infused bangers.  Earlier this year we had Audiofreq give us a a look at some essential hardstyle tunes, and we also interviewed Wildstylez. Why? Aside from the fact that hardstyle is a fascinating musical genre and insular community, to many, it represents "the next big thing."

Huffington Post has been following, too, and as such they got star Headhunterz to pen an editorial in which he gave his perspective on the possible pending invasion of hardstyle.  In the piece, Heady (as his fans affectionally know him) negotiates his different thoughts - be it pleasing hardcore fans, the inevitable change within hardstyle and how he has been inspired by "closing a huge festival where people have never gone beyond 130bpm."

While the piece doesn't offer any particular examples of data, Heady's first-person account is about as worthwhile as anyone else's in the world.  If you've got taste for anything hard, peep his piece on Huffington Post.

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