The final installment of Eminem's interview with Zane Lowe has been released. During the 10-minute clip Eminem talks about his love for Detroit, revisiting his old house for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 cover and touring.

Zane Lowe asks Eminem about his hometown of Detroit, which he references a number of times on his new album. "Detroit is so resilient. People there, we have this kind of Detroit versus everybody mentality," he says. "I feel like the way that people look at us, they always count us out. I know that that attitude is displayed a lot in my music, but I think that that's where it comes from."

Later on Eminem talks about why he feels more comfortable touring now than he did a while back. "It's definitely a better experience for me now than it was back a few years ago," he says. "I don't think on the Relapse album, that whole album run, I don't think that it was something that I jumped right back into. It was smaller shows here and there. [It] let me get my feet wet again and get my footing back."

Parts one, two and three of Eminem's interview with Zane Lowe are also available.

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