With the Marshall Mathers LP 2 available on Tuesday, Eminem has released a brief snippet of a song called "Don't Front." The song finds Eminem spitting ferociously over Black Moon's "I Got Cha Opin." For nearly ninety seconds, Em goes in, dropping gems over the classic instrumental. He makes an extended boxing metaphor at one point, saying:

"And I'm the definition/Of what a concrete chin is/'Cause no matter how many times you sock me in it/And knock me to the canvas even the boxing critics/Know that if I get off to a rocky start/I'll always have a Rocky finish."

Apparently, the full version of "Don't Front" (which includes an appearance from Buckshot of Black Moon) will only be available by purchasing Call Of Duty: Ghosts at Gamestop and entering a special discount code.

"I Got Cha Opin" came out on Black Moon's debut album, Enta Da Stage. The album came out over twenty years ago, with the group celebrating the anniversary during a CMJ showcase in Brooklyn several weeks ago. The original version is below.

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