Verse: Verse 4
Album: More Than a Game Soundtrack 
Best Line: "I'm Hannibal Lecter, so just in case you're thinking of saving face/You ain't gonna have no face to save by the time I'm through with this place."

All four of the superstar rappers who were featured on "Forever" came with solid verses. They obviously knew who else was going to be rapping on the song, so they made it a point to bring their A-games. But Eminem approached the song a little bit differently than Drake, Kanye, and Wayne. "I just saw the beat differently than anybody else did," he explained to Complex later. "For some reason, I felt like the beat was a double-time beat, so I rapped faster." That quick, aggressive approach helped his verse eat the other ones alive and marked the triumphant return for Eminem after his rap hiatus.