In 2013, there are dating sites for damn near everything: farmers, Christians, old people, and many other demographics. With EDM making headway into mainstream conversations, it was only a matter of time before we'd see something like, a new dating site for all you single ravers. Mind you, in 2013, a strong Twitter game could get you in the bed of any raver you desire, but for those who might not be that chill, has you covered. You can register for a free account, which nets you the ability to upload pictures, create a profile, and go hunting for party kids that are looking to get their freak on. There's even a chatroom where you singles can mingle...

Right now, we're going to assume that more bros are flocking to the site, because EDM is a sausage party, but we've also only just learned about - we'll see how this site takes off in the coming weeks. If any of you ravers link up and get involved off the site, let DAD know!

EDIT Is getting off on the wrong foot? One of the girls feature on the site is Liz Katz, the brunette in the orange bikini. It looks like didn't get permission to use this image on their site. Check her status on's Facebook page:

"Please remove my images from your site. You do not have permission to use me or my likeness to promote your dating site. The image in question is on your homepage I am the girl in the orange bikini and the shoot was done exclusively as a product shoot for you do not have the right to use the image for your own site. please kindly remove it so I do not have to take action. If you wish to negotiate payment for me and the photographer for rights to use the image you may contact me."

Not a good way to kick off your website.