Anonymous Superhero here. It is no stranger to readers that I am, dare I say it, a huge fan of Adventure Club. I am usually first to know about any and all things AC, including the live online broadcasts that premiered the Superheroes Anonymous series that has blown them up to the no longer anonymous superheroes they are. I was there the day their EP, Calling All Heroes, Part 1, dropped, with a review and a post to match. And when they went on tour, I knew the cities and dates they were hitting almost immediately.

I have put in work to become the anonymous superhero that I am. I don't expect anything in return. I already have all I could ever want or need from these guys. They brought my cold, lifeless body to life when it was nothing but a zombie, scarred and decaying for all the world to see. They suited me up, put an S on my chest, and told me I was no one but I was someone. They can do that for you too. They probably already have.

So today when you are flooding the stores, getting a head start on your Christmas shopping, and that guy at Walmart throws an accidental bow at your head, kicks a baby, and knocks over an old lady who turns out to be his own grandmom, and you are losing all faith in humanity, accept this little token of appreciation from my buddies Christian and Leighton.

Calling All Heroes is available today, Black Friday, for $1.99 on iTunes. Cop it. Kick back. Forget about all the coworkers you need to buy cheese knives and candles for, and "Stay Gold." By the end of it, you'll want to grab your boyfriend/girlfriend (it is okay if you still don't have a clue what you are getting him) or even that guy from Walmart, and get everybody into a rousing "Thunderclap." Worry, it is contagious.

Mad Decent has also gotten into the fun; they have a grip of merch available in their shop right now. The more you buy, the merrier; free shipping is applied for orders over $100. And for those of you who want something free on TOP of your purchases, know that every purchase also comes with a free MP3 of the "Jingle Bells Version" of DJ Snake's "Bird Machine," taken from the forthcoming A Very Decent Christmas compilation.

And for all those folks who don't worry about anything, who just don't give a fuck or shit, here is an additional gem from the king of IDGAFOS, Dillon Francis, cause we fuks with him. And we are the only DAD he has got, and we found this just in time for holiday season. Dillon has been feeling a big charitable lately, and his fans are reaping the benefits this time around, with a link for cheap merch today only.

We see you and we have to say something to your fans that you never hear, this is from DAD to you.