Back in August, DAD's hopes for the ultimate Memorial Day Weekend EDM War were ignited when Pasquale Rotella hinted at the 2014 EDC New York would be hosted at Winston Farm, where the 1994 Woodstock music fest was held. Last week, the Saugerties board met and discussed issues they had with holding an EDC at the historic farm, and ultimately decided to deny Insomniac's request. Town supervisor Kelly Myers said that “The Electric Daisy concert does not look like it’s going to happen. There were some concerns about how to safely manage that and the Schaller family has had some concerns as well.” It looks like their main issue was the ability for the local fire and ambulance services not feeling they'd be able to provide adequate services for an EDC, which is a reasonable concern. As of right now, Rotella has not responded to this development, but we expect he'll be updating this situation in the near future.

UPDATE Jennifer Forkish, VP of Communications & Public Affairs at Insomniac, has released a statement regarding the EDC New York at Woodstock: "The proposal was denied by the Schaller family, the owners of Winston Farms, who did not feel comfortable hosting a dance music festival on their site. Local officials often have questions over any type of mass gathering and this was no different. However, the proposal was nixed due to a lack of venue, not due to health and safety concerns."

(Dancing Astronaut via Daily Freeman)