I'll be straight up from the jump...Dubbel Dutch, in a number of ways, has defined 'future club' music for sometime now.  Thinking back, I remember finding out about him on some random blog back in like '07-'08 that was super focused on being the fresh new UK funky hot spot and immediately he stood out as one to watch.  Several years later, and tons of ups and downs in industry visibility wise, Dubbel Dutch returns with a stellar five-track EP for his home team, Mixpak Records.  After linking up with them a few years ago, we've seen a couple EPs, production on singles for Popcaan, and not much else. Not there's really a problem with limited high quality output, but today's market place isn't the most patient or loyal to producers who take their sweet time between releases.

The beautiful thing about this release is that regardless of Dubbel Dutch being new to you or you're a long time fans like myself, his sound is still so incredibly relevant right now.  Case in point, EP favorite "Dip So" is a club-oriented tropical bass anthem just waiting to explode.  This female ragga infused uptempo stormer is just simply breathtaking.  Incredibly dynamic, with impeccable sound design and totally made for the dancefloors prepared to treat tunes like this as truly a celebration.  Call it a dancehall or Caribbean impulse, but he's got the right idea.  And I quote, "Life is dynamic and the club experience should reflect that. If things start to get too dark, stripped back, or monotonous it becomes easy to disconnect. It’s great that contemporary music identifies and channels pain, but there’s also nothing wrong with celebrating, striving, and being hopeful. Why not invoke a wider spectrum of musical colors and emotions?".  Other highlights include "Deepa" and "Inevitable,"which share very similar feels and dynamics, but the overall cohesiveness and outstanding quality of this EP is really undeniable. Cloud Club is out now on Mixpak.