DJ Sega wanted to get this one out there last night for a club-fueled Halloween party, but while that didn't go as planned, no worries; it's Friday, bitches. And his Sixers Series always delivers. Volume V is no exception (duh), and he kicks things off perfectly with a tough rework of Public Enemy's "Rebel Without A Pause," and while he also flips "Got Your Money" by Ol' Dirty Bastard, it might be his mind-blowing interpretation of Busta Rhymes' "Everything Remains Raw" that truly sets this one apart from your normal shit. Dude has a way of blending those found sounds into his vibe and spitting out something that's instantly recognizable while truly one-of-a-kind. Free download as well; start that weekend off properly.


Rebel Without A Pause
ODB's Loud Music
I Can't Believe
Everything Remains Raw
F.A.A.T. (Fat Ass And Tits)
Work Bitch

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