"We interrupt this Screwed Up broadcast to bring you a very important news bulletin. Mr. Fat Pat has been in the news again today. He has been spotted on MLK and he has been hated by a hundred more motherfuckin' folks. When will this shit ever stop? We'll see if we can get an interview with Mr. Fat Pat. Mr. Fat Pat, are you taking any interviews?"

"Yeah, I'ma take a motherfuckin' interview. Boys steady talkin' down, I'ma put it in their motherfuckin' face. But I'ma let you know, 9-8, nigga, I'm in the store and we 'bout to kick in the motherfuckin' door."

Screw drops "Kick in the Door," and Pat wishes himself a final happy birthday over Premier's drums and the voice of one of the few rappers that matched him for lyrical effortlessness and creativity. (Shoutouts include: "Weasel in this bitch," to Kenneth "Weasel" Watson, a man who has been accused of setting up Pat's murder.) Then we slide out of Biggie horn blasts into Click favorites Ball and G, and Pat making his birthday shoutouts over slowed Suave House and Da Brat and 'Pac and Bad Boy. Screw grinds through "Ghetto Dope," Master P's voice distorted to growls and howls. And everything closes on a final, triumphant Pat and Keke freestyle on "Been Around the World." On greasy hits-from-the-80s Bad Boy shine, it's easy to draw the line between Sugarhill Gang goofy big-sweater rhymes and Pat's "What's my motherfuckin' name? F-A-to the T" old-school swagger, even when he's visiting "hoes" on Fondren, pistol in his lap. Last chance to hear Pat and Keke together, putting aside their usualy competitiveness, just having stupid fun jumping out of rides in Gucci shoes.