The amazing talents of Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke are displayed in a different fashion in the commercial for their fragrance BLOW. There is air of satire that mimics the sequence in the film Boogie Nights where Dirk Diggler takes on the character Brock Landers.

Definitely more restrained, and the subject matter or intention not really related, but the style in these two videos is the same. In the more toned down, more kid friendly commercial made by Solveig and Laidback Luke, the latter assumes many identities (much like the costuming and theatrics he is known for on the Super You and Me Tours) in this samurai-esque advertisement where he plays a character called Bruce Luke.

The two are back, and this time they bring a man known maybe more for his antics than his music, although both are equally entertaining, and a display of his talent as a producer. We are referring to DAD favorite, the man who doesn't have a dad, the one who doesn't GAFOS, Dillon Francis. He stars as supermodel Olli Springer, remnant of the great Derek Zoolander. Like the Ben Stiller movie, this will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, as each thing that come out of Francis' mouth is more ridiculous than the next. They could not have found someone more suited for this role; Dillon Francis is just as you imagine him from tweets and instagram posts. Superbly and ridiculously fun, Dillon Francis as Olli Springer, supermodel and avid reader of Russian Lit, discussing BLOW spray:

“I LOVE BLOW! I mean, how could you not? It’s got this certain Je ne sais quoi that I just can’t put my finger on, but all I know is that I now just can’t live without it. I also want to thank Martin & Luke for sending me a travel size bottle that fits in almost all of my man bags – just PERFECT for that much needed spray on the go!”

There is a month long wait for the bottle that everybody’s been talking about. In the meantime, fans can grab the soundtrack NOW from Beatport while they wait for Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke to make product adjustments.

I can only wonder where these two are going to go with the third installment of these ingenious ads.

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