Have a listen to this track. It has not stopped playing in my regular rotation since its release. I have been on a real melodic dubstep kick recently. I just want to feel everything. This music allows me to be as intense as I am. Fluid movement between grime and beauty, not subtly, but with a kick and scream that are real and touch you to your core. It is powerful and in your face, with vocal tracks that make you drop to your knees in the pouring rain, throw your hands up to the sky, and belt the chorus out with everything you've got inside.

"Slow Burn" is the release of all of that raw emotion. It opens soft, with just the power of vocals over a soft, faint melody. Then the low kick comes in, pounding straight through to your beating heart. It builds into a gut-wrenching chorus, an outcry from singer Alexa Ayaz, layered so perfectly that you just move through each sound. You so easily get lost in the waves, it's like your swimming inside this song, not wanting to ever come up for air. Just shy of five minutes to the end, it echoes through you as you depart, and you're saying let me just stay here another minute. Let me hold on to this beauty forever. Feel the slow burn. Cough and choke on it. Let it sit, pounding in your chest. Don't ever spit it out.

These guys have such a deep, melodic sound. It is straight emotion and it feels good while simultaneously breaking your heart. To little bits that are the sounds behind this melody. These guys are worth a listen, a download, a favorite on soundcloud, and a follow on twitter. Many listens, quite honestly, you won't be able to stop once you begin. Just get out the tissues because Culture Code has all the feels, especially in this new original.