Camo & Krooked are still making some incredible tunes, but this duo that we know and love for their drum & bass are branching out, and their funky brand of disco is a look that we weren't expecting. There is something brilliant about bass music producers that land at 128 beats per minute, and giving the nod of approval is effortless for us.

Their remix package for "Loving You Is Easy" is absolutely wonderful, but the remix from Infuze is amazing. Though people may not be incredibly familiar with this New York-based producer, his output is top notch. Hospital Records doesn't give just anyone a co-sign. This is a great tool for DJs that know how to control a crowd, or a music lover that wants to jam out to a soulful record. And if you're looking for a little drum & bass from Camo & Krooked, they have a tune on this release called "Armageddon" that goes down smooth. Poke around and treat yourself.