Buffalo, New York's Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin have been rolling together for a bit. Many of you probably remember them from the We Keep It EP, which helped kick off this whole 100 BPM/bounce/twerk craze (yeah, we said it). Their recent batch of bootlegs and remixes as a duo have caught fire, with Diplo recently dropping one of their reworks on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show. With anything, though, there are times when these things become their own thing, hence the awkwardly-long "Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin" has now become SwaggleRock. They've kicked off a new "Booty Pop" mix series, and even gave us a track to let loose. We wanted to speak with them about this change, and what they have planned (which includes a great send-off for their Buzz x Shooter union).

When did you two meet?
About 10 years ago in good old high school.

How did you guys get into making music? Was it something done separately or did you start working on tracks together?
We we're DJing clubs locally in our city Buffalo, NY as SwaggleRock then really just for fun started throwing some party edits together for our sets and it just evolved from there. We were eager to step it up with our music too. We had a residency at a spot with DJ Dstar who is a producing machine making a lot of the Crooklyn Clan style party edits, putting records out on Laidback Luke's label and at the time was just starting to work on a new project with another local homie called Solidisco. So that was a huge inspiration. Flash forward and there's some big music coming out of Buffalo now.

What is it about your styles that mesh when making tunes?
Some things just work and some things don't, that's how we operate. We start with a concept or some sounds then it always transforms into this crazy fusion of ideas. We get shit done too. We’ve put out over 100 uploads combined on SoundCloud this past year so we’re on the same level when it comes to being dedicated to our projects.

You two have been collaborating under your known titles for a bit; talk to us about the need to start releasing material under one unified name?
We'll continue to pump out solo tunes and some house with our CLOUD11 & 222 Oceans projects, we're super proud of what we've done with Buzz x Shooter no doubt, but we wanted to revamp something dope we already had going. SwaggleRock is easier than the super long Buzz Trillington x Shooter McNappin tag, too, so going forward you'll hear the next evolution of our sounds as a collab under SwaggleRock. The last Buzz x Shooter joint we’ll be the remix we did of Sophie’s "BIPP" which Diplo played on his last BBC 1Xtra mix. The We Keep It EP Vol. 2 exclusively through DAD will be Buzz Trillington x Shooter McNappin presents for the finale since that's how we did it the first time too.

What’s the science behind the SwaggleRock name?
Jon Taffer.

What’s planned for SwaggleRock?
We're in process of creating some new material right now and some collabs with some other dope artists and like we said you can catch more Buzz, Shooter, CLOUD & Oceans stuff too. The Booty Pop Mix has had a great response, so you’ll hear more volumes of that with more and more exclusive content. You can catch us on some bigger shows now as well we're opening up the Rusko show in Buffalo NY, you can catch us warming up Bro Safari's Animal House Tour in Rochester NY with CRNKN & Torro Torro along with some out of state gigs in the works.

Talk to us about the Booty Pop mix series.
We put out some solo mixes, one each on DAD earlier this year, that did good on the internets so we planned to do some kind of Buzz x Shooter twerk/100 bpm mix and it developed into this. Quick mixing with some word play. Gives us chance to feature all these tracks we have stacked up and give the listeners a chance to hear some exclusive & unreleased tunes along with some other select tunes we play regularly plus we can finally use our CJ Milli drops.

Do androids dance?
Androids dagger. Speaking of Do Androids Dance back on April 30th we dropped a dope little comp with Ape Drums, Notixx, Pickster & Riot Earp featuring all original 100BPM tunes with the thumbs up from literally the entire uptempo bass community exclusively through DAD. We mentioned this a little earlier but we’re bringing it back again way bigger this time. You’ll hear more tracks from the original We Keep It EP squad and the other producers we got on board, which we’ll release soon, is crazy so look out for that on DAD.

SwaggleRock is running a logo-redesign contest as well. If you love their output and have a flair for art, you need to get in on this. The winner designer will be added to the SwaggleRock promo list, thus receiving all of their material before the rest of the world. Your info will also be posted all over their social sites and be blown up for fans worldwide. You can send your awesome SwaggleRock logo redesigns to jake@envyustalentagency.com. For now, check out "Look At My Hot Fat Bottomed Girls," which will be available for download with their Booty Pop Vol. 2 mix.