There's no doubt that Daft Punk, Nile Rogers & Pharrell's "Get Lucky" is one of the songs of the year, it's throwback sound meshing well into any type of party or get together. It's also been covered by many artists, with U2 front men The Edge and Bono trying their hand at the star studded (RED) Auction last weekend.

Edge and Bono joined Nile Rogers onstage and Bono gave a performance we can only describe as different. With a tone that one can only describe as a murmur, Bono attacks the vocals with the ferocity of Ben Stein and the enthusiasm of most college students in a 9am class. Bono's challenge with the melody notwithstanding, its awesome to see Bono paying homage to a great song on stage for a good cause.

[via SPIN]

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