When we heard that Baauer was giving away unreleased tracks via these free USBs, and said "If you get one, share it with your friends, upload it to the Internet, or just keep it for yourself. Do with it as you please," we were on some "if you get one of these, share with DAD" shit. We love Baauer's music, and need that new material. We sure as hell weren't expecting to get four tracks to our inbox two days later, though! Loyal android Hunter (@OfficerMudkipz) caught one of the two USBs that Baauer threw out during his show at Fluxx the other night:

Being the kind soul he is, Hunter sorted out DAD with the four tracks. If you follow Baauer's material, you know of a few of these tunes: one of the tracks is "Baddest," although it sounds a bit different than the version we heard a while ago. Another of the tunes is "Snap," which made the rounds a few months back as well. The other two tracks ("XTC" and "RASBERRY") might be new to many, but they definitely pack a wallop. "XTC" has that bounce, but is a bit more abstract, while "RASBERRY" is the longest of the four tunes, and balances vocal "raspberry" samples with that awesome popping sound and a huge bassline. And since Baauer said we could do what we like with these, we've thrown them on SoundCloud for free. And if you need MORE Baauer, check out this trailer for the upcoming Infinite Daps documentary that THUMP sorted out.