Are you a costume party fanatic? Do you dream of Halloween year-round? Looking to go a little daring this wedding season but need a place to test our your outfit before the spring? If that sounds like you and you're an Arcade Fire fan, you have just the place to don those duds. The Canandian band will kick-off a full North American tour in March to support their recently released album Reflektor and have put a note on Ticketmaster requesting attendees wear formal attire or a costume to the shows. The band has already been implementing a dress code for "secret" small concerts they played under the name The Reflketors earlier this year before the album's release.

Arcade Fire is not the first band to request this of their fans. When LCD Soundsystem, whose frontman James Murphy co-produced Reflektor, retired in 2011, they asked their fans to come to their prom-like final concert at Madison Square Garden dressed in black and white. That, however, is a much more accessible dress code. Slate columnist Megan Wiegand is not pleased with Arcade Fire's stringency and pointed that it might be an attempt to regain their indie cred:

"And that’s the thing: For most of us, formal attire is reserved for weddings or special nights out. Trying to force otherwise ordinary rock shows into the special category strikes me as presumptuous—an attempt to reinforce the band’s status as capital-A Artists. But Arcade Fire is no longer an indie darling playing intimate general-admission venues: They’re releasing albums that top pop charts and playing arenas named for the likes of Verizon, Pepsi, and Comcast. Asking attendees to dress up might seem to restore an air of specialness to unspecial tour stops at unspecial concrete behemoths that double as ice rinks and basketball courts—but nothing about a routine date in an arena decked out in corporate branding is arty. And demanding that fans old and young scale many flights of steep stairs in ball gowns only to sit in seats possibly soaked with overpriced Bud Light from last night’s hockey game seems less than thoughtful.

Read the rest of her piece here.

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