Muy Loco Sin Miedo is a collective of producers that have created a grip of Beatport charting singles as solo artists and ghost producers. Their debut release, "RoSe GoLD STRiPPeR PoLe," is a track they produced for the diabolical RiFF RAFF, and one of many more singles that they have on deck. Many hands are in this project, but the collective is designed to be greater than the sum of its parts. MLSM are set to be a quiet and deadly force in 2014, trust.

This is a bouncy twerk tune with RiFF RAFF's stream of conscious lyricism, and is an absolute banger. Premiered in September for a giant crowd as he played the Mad Decent stage at TomorrowWorld and featured on TMZ, this single has been bubbling for quite some time. RiFF RAFF decided to let this one fly, and handed us the premiere. Make sure you tell them where you heard it first.