Boldy James: "I never really went to school. Where we used to go to school, I would get easily distracted and I was like a genius kind of kid. I never had to do work, or try real hard to get good grades. So I used to get bored fast, so if it didn't really carry my attention, I didn't really give a fuck about it. I wasn't going to school.

"We were funny, we were always trying to get money; gambling, messing with girls, anything other than school. School was the last thing on our minds as kids. I think the last time I've actually been to school on a consistent basis, in steady rotation, school like getting my book and my lunches...Probably seventh grade. We've been skipping school since elementary.

"We were some advanced kids man, we were different. Every other kid they're just not... They go to high school to lose their virginity and they did get introduced to shit like drugs until college. Well not in my neighborhood.

"I used to stay on the eastside of Detroit as a baby growing up, through my wonder years. But when it was time to start getting money and pussy and shit, I was on the west side. Them two different worlds to anybody that knows anything about Detroit. But I had the best of both worlds as some say. Like I said, most people don't get introduced to drugs until college and me, that shit always been around.

"My grandmom was a junkie, my grandpops sold drugs, a lot of my uncles was hustlers and my cousins and shit. So I always been familiar with that lifestyle, you know what I'm saying. There wasn't nothing for me to spread my wings and think I was onto something, or new something that didn't nobody else know and try to do the same bullshit.


I guess what I'm trying to say is school was the last thing on my mind bruh because the money was more important.


"You know in school you know you had to have certain things, you know. You had to be fresh, or people had jokes, or would talk about you or some shit. And me, I wasn't playing that shit. I would fuck around and have a problem with someone trying to speak down on me because that ain't what I come from. I don't come from none of that backing down, or none of that. Or even getting into no altercation, or putting myself in a situation for nobody to have nothing to say to me anyway. I guess what I'm trying to say is school was the last thing on my mind bruh because the money was more important.

"We city boys. This ain't the country so, people looking, judging, and writing things differently up here. They not letting nothing slide, you can't get away with no country boy shit around here. People are going to crack jokes and go on you about not having things. There's things you can't come into school without because at 13 you're considered as accountable for your own sins, so in my world you're a man already. About eighth grade if your parents can't do it for you, or they not doing it for you, you had to get it on your own. So that alone threw me off balance and off track of going to school, because the money was more important. I knew I wasn't going to need school for what I was going to do in life."