Stans: "He is a god."
Haters: "I liked him until the god complex."

The Reality: As soon as you liked him (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), he made you unlike him (Yeezus). He said himself that he didn’t want Yeezus to be "easy listening." He wanted it to be three-dimensional. He wanted it to jump out and affect you. For some, screaming in the middle of a song is just too jarring. Others like it because it kept them on their toes. Others still will come around to it years from now.

MBDTF was met with universal acclaim because it was everything that everyone wanted from Kanye. But now he wants to push, like he did with 808’s and Heartbreak. A lot of people are only now starting to appreciate the worth of that 2008 album. Whether you liked Yeezus or not, you probably didn’t have a "meh" feeling about it. It affected you, either positively or negatively—and that’s exactly what he wanted.