We all know it's coming.

As pressure on Drake increases, he's gonna have to take shots back. It's inevitable. Tossing off lines in interviews, about "ambitious thoughts" and a "moment to talk about"? OK, that was cool. But now his album's out. He's moving units. And Kendrick stays taking shots. The time is coming. Erykah Badu knows it. Complex knows it. What more do you need?

When Drake does decide to send shots—which, surely, must be inevitable—there are some things that he definitely should not do. We addressed those this morning. Drake definitely seems like the more vulnerable artist. After all, it's open season on the Canadian rapper on Twitter, and has been since he first arose as the monied son of Toronto's favorite teen drama. Stories about experience showers, his love of sweaters, everything else—it all makes him a pretty good target. By comparison, Kendrick Lamar is hip-hop's favorite son. Critically acclaimed, cosigned, lyrical, popular. 

But although Kendrick Lamar seems musically bulletproof, there are a few openings Drake could exploit. We took a look at Kendrick Lamar's achilles heel. Here are 6 ways Drake could respond to Kendrick (And win!).

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