During a recent stop in London Waka Flocka Flame talked to R&R Productions about the changes that have occurred in his life since getting shot and working with Drake.

"Drake is more of a calm, cool and collective guy, and in my sessions I be having like a hundred motherfuckers, alcohol, partying," he says. "It's like the best of both worlds. It's cool, everybody being their self, just normal. It's perfect."

In January of 2010 Waka Flocka was shot in his right arm during a robbery at a car wash. The Atlanta rapper gained notoriety for the incident, and he puts that into perspective here. "It made me richer, sad to say. Made me popular, sad to say," Waka states. "It just made me as a man and as a person more wiser, clever, stronger, devious in situatons. It just makes you a fucking stone cold thinker."

Watch the full clip above which also includes footage from his performance.

[via R&R]

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