Talib Kweli is gearing up to drop a new album. The project, titled Gravitas, will come out December 15, making it Kweli's second album in 2013. Back in May, he dropped his long-anticipated Prisoner of Conscious. This go-around, Kweli plans on taking a more direct approach in connecting with his fans. He has created a website called Kweli Club, where people can pre-order the album. Kweli plans to connect with fans who do make a purchase through Kweli Club via e-mail and even through his phone.

In a statement on the site, Kweli said:

When you pre order my newest project, Gravitas, available Dec 15th, you will be buying it directly from me, no middleman, and I will now have a direct relationship with you. Who needs this industry when we have each other. The technology exists for me to have this relationship with the fans, and vice versa. It is a grand experiment. Lets go for it!

Gravitas will have production from Oh No, Rich Kidd, and Q-Tip, amongst others. No guest appearances have been announced yet.

[via HHDX]

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