Childish Gambino is having a pretty great week. He kicked things off by dropping a new track called "3005." The song was cool, but things really turned up when he stopped by Sway In The Morning and dropped one of the best "Pound Cake" freestyles we've heard so far. He then stopped by The Breakfast Club and gave an in-depth interview about his recent Instagram rant, bullying, and everything in-between. And finally, yesterday he dropped another track, "Worldstar." 

His new songs and interviews come on the heels of his excellent guest spot on Jhené Aiko's "Bed Peace" last month and that weird short film Clapping For The Wrong Reasons he dropped back in the summer. All of this is meant to build anticipation for his upcoming album, Because the Internet, which drops December 10 and according to Gambino himself is "not a rap album." 

Now, if you're not interested in Because the Internet, it's probably because you're not a fan of Childish Gambino. You probably don't take him seriously. Maybe you heard his name and cringed. Maybe you rolled your eyes when you heard that he got it from a Wu-Tang Name Generator. Or when you heard that he doubles as the writer/actor/comedian Donald Gloverwho stars on NBC's Community and has written for 30 Rock. Comedian/rapper? Sounds like a joke, right? 

We get why a rap fan might be dismissive of a guy like Gambino; on paper, he sounds like an novelty act. We had doubts ourselves. But you know what? In recent years, he's proven to be a legit artist. Not only that, he's a viable one too. He sells out shows, has a dedicated fanbase, one that's liable to get larger in the coming months. So if you've sleeping on the flow, we humbly submit: 9 Reasons Why You Should Take Childish Gambino Seriously.

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