All of the people I've kept close in the past few years have been phenomenal producers with phenomenal work ethics and phenomenal attitudes. But Supersillyus is a different animal. He sat down with Space Jesus to create one of the most technical records I've heard in a really long time for their collaborative project, Schläng. And his solo work is equally nutty.

Reaching into the deepest depths of consciousness, the title track to Interabang is a highly-complicated production that reads like a movie. Written in an unusual time signature, this is a clinic in unique psytrance production. Masterful mixing of a cascade of original sounds results in a breathtaking record.

His full project, Interabang, will be out on Halloween. You can head over to his website and download the wares there if you're into these trippy vibes. You'll need to provide an email address for either his album or EP, and will get an update when Interabang is released. Two birds with one stone.