STYLSS is a label out of Portland that has pushed some absolutely incredible records. Their co-sign of GANG$IGN$, and Howlings' Hold Me Close EP, were major moves, but the "Suicide Pack" series is their bread and butter. There are dozens of artists coming together to collaborate under one independent brand, and the quality of work is truly 99th percentile.

With SUICIDE PACT : NINE, the only rule seems to be "bass." The foundation is undeniably chill low-end vibes, but you hear juke and house influence as well from a stack of bubbling producers. The win here is that this bucks the conventional confines of how labels exist by focusing on art instead of artists. The best records win. And that's just fun.

Make sure to snag this one up as soon as possible. It's limited to 1000 downloads, and will disappear once that mark is met. If you're still driving a car from the '90s, you can even purchase a limited-edition SUICIDE PACT : NINE cassette tape. I'm not joking. Everything about this release and this brand is making me grin.


01. DMN SLYR - Whyte Meadows
02. SBMRGE - Open
03. cestladore & Golden Living Room - sleep prevention
04. HAARPS - Deep Seize
05. Heartsparxx - Scared 2 Tell U
06. QUARRY - Some Dream
07. Kool Trasher - Deep Press
08. Stewart Villain - X-Games feat. Milc (Prod. ATM)
09. Modeling & Nightizm - Arrhythmia
10. Choongum - Birth of Death
11. River Bones - Lawless
12. wokr - hey, listen! feat. J.A.M.
13. SAINT PEPSI - We Belong Together
14. LOOK. - $
15. Deadlydollaz x Mike Labyrinth - T R U N K M U Z I ¢
16. Was Legit - O, Yea
17. Dead Fe†us - I Am Home
18. Shmuck the Loyal - So Be It