What is America's greatest export? Cars? Corn? Wheat? Apples? No. America's greatest export is culture. Fashion (blue jeans), food (hamburgers), movies (Star Wars), television (The Simpsons), and, perhaps most importantly of all, music. Nothing has had a greater worldwide impact than the jazz, the blues, the R&B, the rock 'n' roll, and, most recently, the rap, that America makes and ships abroad.

And what is the greatest American music ever made? Who made it? Where was it made? This is what we like to stay up too late at night thinking about, arguing about 'til the lights go on at the bar and we're swept out into the cold.

Because we're the types of people who like to do this a lot (even when we're not at bars!), and then make lists, we decided to tackle a really big one: Which state, out of all 50 of them here in our country, has produced the greatest music? The most important artists? The most important scenes?

Of course, there will no more arguing after this day. The matter is settled, and we expect that everyone will simply accept our authority on the subject and adjust their own opinions so that they're in line with our own. We're kidding. (Mostly.)

Obviously there will be some disagreement, but we feel like we've done our due diligence to take on the task of Ranking the 50 States Based on Their Contribution to Popular Music.

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