You may know Stephen Alex Vasquez as SAV, one half of the disbanded moombahton duo Sazon Booya. This group eventually added Mystereo as an official member, and his role as a hype man was an integral part of the show. The dude is fucking nuts, and there's no choice but to love him. The (very real) social media updates as Mystereo was kicked out of venues and removed from airports was absolutely amazing to watch from afar.

Since the breakup of Sazon Booya, SAV and Mystereo have stuck together, and somehow between producing and promoting his FIGHT CLVB brand, SAV found time to chronicle a very special moment between Mystereo and Dale Richardson, known to fans of Major Lazer as Skerrit Bwoy. Richardson deleted his entire music collection, stopped touring, and abandoned his quest for fame in the name of God with almost no warning.

And as I dive into this thinking it has all the markings of a troll, I was blown away. Skerrit Bwoy is out of money, but is working as a gospel DJ and producer and trying to set a different example than what he's known in the public eye for. He considers the lifestyle that he once lived a fantasy world where nothing has substance; an environment catered to the selfish. It's an interesting perspective from somebody who has toured the world for sold out crowds.

This is a mini-documentary that is so incredibly interesting. It doesn't seem as if Mystereo found a higher calling, but it was cool to see that Richardson has his head on straight and is living a life that's fulfilling. We're incredibly grateful that SAV took the time to create this film to give us a different view of the music industry.