Wuki is a fucking animal. And as most writers and fans like to box their artists into repeating the same shit over and over again, this isn't his aim. At all. He can produce any genre of music, and will blow you away at any tempo. His records are consistent, and to par with any touring DJ. This is one of those cases where I evaluate reasons that someone hasn't popped, and can't find any.

This is a remix of a Self Help record, another incredibly talented producer releasing way bigger tunes than numbers show. This is essentially a booty bass with electro sounds, but is executed flawlessly. The mixdown is nuts, and the tempo is nothing but danceable. After this tune is done, I beg of you to poke around this guy's SoundCloud and explain why he hasn't exploded yet. I'm truly baffled. You can get the full release with remixes from Secret Sauce and Astronomar as well via Beatport.