Feels like this has all gone full circle; it was Munchi's Facebook update asking about people saying moombahton was dead that sparked this rousing discussion and our look at the moombahton players who keep the scene alive. In any case, Munchi hit Nappy with this new EP from Selegna, Moombahton Is Dead. And while I could go crazy on what he's talking about, he sent over this dope write-up that I can't not use. Without further ado, here's Munchi's words verbatim (with a breakdown of each track after the SoundCloud stream):

"So what the fuck is up people of the internets?! I'm still alive and shit, still eating that kapsalon at your favorite kebab spot and still not giving a fuck. You know how it goes, it's a habit.

Recently I started trolling asking if the Mombahtone lyfe is dead. Is it? Well, I don't know. But it seems to me that everyone is too busy twerking or some shit like that. Which is cool, but some Moohmbaten vibes would be real nice too right? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT 2.

So I hit up some friends and started a label. Why? Why the fuck not? And here we are, not giving a fuck about your mom and REALLY FUCKING EXCITED about this shit right here. In a bit you'll know why. I don't even know why you are reading this you nerd.


It's okay though. I'm a nerd too and stoked as fuck. Hey, I guess we all get like that once in a while.

I'm uploading this shit rn at the only Mc Donalds in like 21762792 radius in the middle of nowhere @ Spain. Don't ask. These internet shops over here are too prehistoric son. FOR REAL. Like on some Windows 2000 shit. FUCK IT. SLOW ASS MC D'S INTERNET, SITTING HERE WITHOUT ORDERING THESE MUTATED FOODS. FUCK YEAH. LETS DO THIS MOUMBATUNE THING.

So enough with the casual conversation starter.DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!"


"Shaun D – Dat A$$
The boss, the legend, the most underrated. FUCK. This has to be the perfect way to start this shit. Shaun D has been that dude for a while now and his shit actually started the Bubbling House thing. You can try to jack his shit all you want, but with this one he’s schooling you motherfuckers with some perreo 101 – the ANTILLEAN way. He is fucking BACK on his shit: that unmistakable `07 sound that devoured Dutch clubs. Hood shit, the shit that you silly people got fucked up to, experienced mostly embarrassing moments and pictures you want nobody to know about, but LOVE. Yes. I’m talking PP2G too. R.I.P. BUT NO. SIKE! GET SHITFACED. MOOMBAHTON + SHAUN D = I’M OBAMATEARING RN WHILE GETTING MY SANDUNGUEO ON. FUCK U, SHAUN D MADE ME DO IT. I GOT MY REASONSSSSSSSSSSSSS #SINMIEDO ;_;

Hoodie x Corrupted Data – Djoek Anthem
Just looking at the title: the fuck you want more?! 2 of the best Moombahton brochachos rn, 1 track. Hoodie and Corrupted Data have been killing it for a while now and this statement of a track just proves it some more: Bitchslapping you in the face while looking you dead in the eye asking if it’s still dead or not. When I think of Moombahton this track pretty much sums it up. The title suggests that you should go and stab around some people. NO NOT WITH A KNIFE. WTF. Grab a girl and go Baile Funky on that ass. What? You don’t know? SMH grasshopper, this will teach you the Djoek ways.

Morrison – Cachonda
Ever since I heard this one it became an instant favorite. I don’t think Morrison could appreciate the news that Moombahton passed away. I guess he was quite pissed because of it and went all le strawberry on you all. Boss level, Ryu vs Ken type of shit yo. Surviving this perreo irl? Doubt it man. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Bubbling and Skullstep snares mixed with Calle 13, Baile Funk and Dominican Mambo. Huh? what? Exactly. AAAA He decided to shit on all of you. Game over!!!

Kami Kapnobatai – Once, It Was
After the massacre of the first 3 tracks, you think you know all about that Dembow lyfe eh? Fuck no. I bet you haven’t heard it done like this before. Taking apart the Dembow and rearranging it into new territories, Kami is really not giving a single fuck. Skip formulas and the same boring ass buildups. He doesn’t even want you to know who he is. The music speaks for him. You probably drank too much anyway. See, this shit will sober you up and make you think. That call your mom up and say your sorry type of shit. That seeing the beauty of a plastic bag in the wind type of shit. That hold up her hair while she throws up type of shit. That sad nigga in the rain type of shit. Are you about that lyfe? Are you about that sad lyfe my nigga? Fuck it, go cry yo.

Hifee – So Ghetto
Who the fuck is this? I don’t know man, when they heard that Moombahton died they just came to be like: Haha. Nope. This is some Moombahton and Twerk shit. Let’s see if you can keep up shaking it to this shit. I mean, listen to that fucking buildup. Really dudes? You really had to go there huh. Well all I have to say is, don’t even try if you’re not already on it. Don’t get your twerking dreams shattered haha.

Harikiri – Merkage
Honestly, having a new Harikiri track in my inbox is like Christmas lol. Whatever this dude comes up with is crazy as fuck. Coming from the harder and darker Drum and Bass vibes and somehow getting into this Moombahton thing, this is someone that just gets it. On some real shit man, whatever he does, he does on point and keeps his own sound while doing that. So when you have a track called ‘Merkage’, coming from Harikiri – get fucking ready. MINDBLOWN.

Munchi – El Desaparecido
AAAAAAA, I have the only Latin-ish track on this bitch! No bleepy-bloopy stuff this time, although I did consider it. I made 3 tracks for this, but this one has that Manole track as a sample in it that has been one of my favorite tracks since muito long time. Mix that up with a little bit of Tego Calde, Biggie and me: BAM!! THE TRACK. Some sweet percussion and, wait for it.. COWBELL. THE MOTHERFUCKING COWBELL IS BACK. Por fin ;_;

I hope you guys digg it man!"