Schoolboy Q stopped by Sway's morning show today and spoke on TDE's much talked about BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, the "Control" verse and even called up Kendrick Lamar to talk about if he was dissing Drake on his cypher verse.

On his verse in the cypher, and if he was throwing shots at any rappers Q maintains that he was only throwing shots at rappers who "throw shots at him [and TDE] but then turn around and ask for a verse." Q was also disappointed in the responses to "Control," stating that he doesn't know why people got so upset since Kendrick was "naming friends" in the verse.

On the topic of Kendrick's Cypher verse, Q reveals that Kendrick's decision to rap was a last minute decision, and that it was completely unexpected saying that he and TDE "had to respect it." He also doesn't think that Kendrick was getting at Drake, as it was recorded before the whole incident reached a fever pitch in the media.

Sway eventually gets Q to call Kendrick on the phone, but Q hangs up the phone before Kendrick can get any deeper into his verse. Maybe next time.

[via SwaysUniverse]

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