When it comes to making music many producers usually stick to a formula that works for them which results in an influx of songs that all sound the same, so if there’s music being put out there that steps outside the box it usually grabs my attention. Both tracks on Saint & Aglory's Alhambra / Moroccan Candy EP can best be described as a fusion of trap and Arabic and Moroccan music and the way it’s blended is done quite effortlessly. Both of these artists can hold their own and I’m not sure how these two came together with the Saint being from L.A. and Aglory from Paris, or who came up with the idea to create this Arabic-trap EP, but I’m definitely glad they created these two tracks. These are not your typical formulaic trap songs that have been pushed out as of late and I’m curious how the crowd were to respond if one were to drop this mid-set, but either way it’s a super enjoyable and refreshing EP. Listen for yourself and if you wanna snag a copy it’s a free download with a Facebook like.

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