Ryan McDermott heads out to the desert to gush over his true love in the music video for "Overflow."

He's accompanied by Sabi, who smoothly sings the hook. The video is directed by Sinziana Velicescu, with McDermott describing his feelings for his girl. "I wanna make you laugh/Baby, I wanna make you cry/Wanna see the tears flowing down/From the love in your eyes," he sings. It's a catchy song from the G.O.O.D. Music artist, who recently discussed being signed to Kanye West's label in an interview with Bullett.

"I think my name had been in his ear as far back as 2008 through a designer friend of mine named Tracey Mills who messaged me on Myspace," he says. "Long story short, years later I get introduced to a guy named Che Pope who had recently been brought on to help run things at G.O.O.D. I played one song for Che (“Paradise”) and a couple days later I was in Paris with Kanye, who offered to sign me on the spot after meeting me and hearing my music."

Ryan McDermott's upcoming mixtape Ryan Vs. The Sandman: The Tale of The Sleepwalkers will be released soon.

[via Bullett]

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