Rell the Soundbender is one android we've been pushing since our beginning. He turned in a fire mix for us back in July and while he's been on the quieter side while he plots his power moves, Rell thought it best to unload some Halloween treats in the form of a DAD-exclusive remix pack and a few videos. Rell's bammer "Angels x Demons" has been making the rounds since it dropped just under a year ago, and while that still goes hard in the paint, these two remixes from Oddzilla and Cy Kosis seal the deal for us. On the one hand, the deadly combo of Philly's G-Buck and Architekt, Oddzilla teams up for a thundering raved out satanic beast, while Los Angeles-based act Cy Kosis turns up the dub influences. The reggae'd out remix still keeps some of the original's griminess but keeps the tension just right. Grab the original monster and the two remixes and get wild.

And while we're at it, check out this wild visual for the track. Halloween horror galore and more!