Biggie said "Mo Money Mo Problems," but Prodigy doesn't care. He would've gone back and made sure to secure all of his cash. "If I could pick something, it would probably have to do with keeping Mobb Deep independent so all of the money would come to us," he said to HipHopDX. "That'd be the best thing to pick. The way my grandmother raised me as far as teaching me the business and being independent and owning and operating your own business, it's just instilled in me to want that and to do that."

But then, in typical rapper fashion, right after admitting he had a regret, he claimed he had no regrets: "Like I've said, though, I don't really believe in regrets. Things happen for a reason. That's how I see it, as far as Mobb Deep's career. Everything's happened for a reason. We've been blessed and we've been good. There's really nothing for us to regret."