In a world of YOLO, regrets are verboten. Thinking twice and showing concern for future consequences is shameful. Dwelling on the past will only slow you down. Emotions like guilt or sorrow are to be defeated and destroyed, or simply ignored. So shouting the motto, people drink and drive, rap about rape and choose not to work with Kanye West. Hip-hop, perhaps more YOLO than any other corner of the world, is like this to the utmost. No matter what they do, no matter they've done, rappers rarely, if ever, admit to any regret whatsoever. Just ask Pusha T.

But surely, feelings of sadness, disappointment and defeat must crop up sometimes. It’s only human nature.

Many rappers put on a facade. Stiff upper lip, tough-guy style. They hide their innermost feelings behind gold chains, designer clothes, and violent lyrics, tuck them secretly away, beneath silken pillows in secured mansions. But they’re still there, those feelings. Just rarely discussed.

Until now. It took us a long time to convince some of these guys. But, through sheer persistance, and an understanding mein, we finally got them to open up and admit to the things they'd go back and do differently if they only could. Yes, we uncovered the intimate details of 14 rappers' regrets. Everybody has regrets. You gotta learn to live with them. Just ask Jay Z.

Written by Lauren Schwartzberg (@laurschwar)

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