Back in 2009, a series of songs from Dr. Dre's Detox that featured T.I. leaked. The songs were "Coming Back," "Shit Popped Off," and "Topless" and they were all pretty great, even in their unmastered form. We've basically given up all hope in ever hearing Detox (at this point we kinda just wish Dre would release an entire hard drive with all 10,000 songs he's recorded in the last 10 years and leave obsessed fans to piece a puzzle of an album together) so we'd totally be willing to settle for a T.I./Dre album.

If the two could muster up a dozen songs as good as those sounded, they'd probably have a pretty great album on their hands. Besides, Dre never really got it in with a Southern rapper for a full length project, and Tip is definitely one of the finest Southern lyricists ever. — Insanul Ahmed

What it might sound like