Date: September 24, 2009

In one of the wildest moments in recent television history, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs and the Internet imploded. On a Sunday evening in 2009, the newly formed Twitter living room sat down to watch the ultimate blog fodder: The MTV Video Music Awards. While all parties involved settled in for a night of zero chill and 100 degrees of nonsense, nobody could've foreseen what the Henny would do to Yeezy.

Twitter exploded in outrage and mirth at Kanye's public outburst and #imaletyoufinish and #ofalltime were soon born. Years later, it may be the most overused joke OF ALL—oh, you get the point.

The 2009 VMAs would forever change the way we watched award shows. By the time Lil Mama invited herself on stage with Jay Z and Alicia Keys, Twitter had already made up its mind: We would never watch an award show without each other again. And making award shows a thousand times more fun is one of Twitter's greatest achievements.