Website: Grantland
Twitter: @Rembert
Favorite Rapper: Andre 3000

Growing up in the city we both called home, I looked to Andre 3000 as the example of the guy that made it out. Not simply in the sense of becoming famous, but staying weird and somehow convincing everyone around him that his weird was cool, eventually to the point that it was no longer weird.

I knew if Andre could make a hit like "Rosa Parks" and co-star in a video where he wore gigantic feather pants, no shirt, football pads and a safari hat, there was hope I, too, could flourish in my individuality for all to see, applaud, and perhaps even imitate.

But I also knew that the main reason that he could pull it off was because he was better than everyone else. And technically, I cannot be convinced anyone is better at the skill of rapping. The intersection of all that, mixed in with a ladle serving of hometown bias, is why Three Stacks will always be my favorite.