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Favorite Rapper: Kanye West

My favorite rapper is Kanye West.

I revere Jay Z's entire catalog. I'm in awe of 2 Chainz's live performances. I admire and appreciate Drake's raw emotional recordings. But no rapper gets me defensive like Kanye. That's how you know.

I make excuses for everything he does: His audible deep breaths in between lines? He's extremely passionate. His flawed singing on 808s and Heartbreak? It's a throwback to the days before Pro Tools, where imperfections were kept and celebrated as honest. Calling himself a God? Why shouldn't he speak on that when that's how he's treated by the media? Some of his lines that are perceived as corny attempts at jokes? Consequence's fault. (Even outside of rap, I'm ready to fight for 'Ye, whether it's regarding naming his daughter North, the Taylor Swift situation, his fashion choices, or DONDA.)

Kanye West's music and message have spoken to me since his mixtape days. The fact that he's not only taken the pop culture wheel, but steered an entire musical generation in fascinating new directions, is infinitely inspiring. I'll always be proud to defend the man who's provided the soundtrack to the better part of my life.