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Favorite Rapper: Cam'ron

This is the type of question that I can only answer with the caveat that my opinion will be altered in a few months and certainly by next year. Your favorite rapper is so specific to a certain moment in your life and a certain way you are feeling. Just like your taste palate matures and you grow to enjoy sushi, your favorite rapper from your youth isn't the person you want to hear spit rhymes as you move into bill-paying adulthood.

In most cases...

My favorite rapper right now is Cam'ron Giles. After listening to his latest mixtape project Ghetto Heaven Vol.1, I'm transported back to 2003 when DipSet and Diplomatic Immunity was the hottest shit in the streets (other than 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin'). Cam represents NYC street swag to the fullest. All your current favorite rappers owe his flow some credit. From witty punchlines to dark and stormy gunman talk, Cam'ron covers everything in rap I want to hear right now.